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Attention - consultants, coaches, speakers, information marketers and small business owners:

"Give me 60 minutes of your time and I will share with you a simple, but often overlooked strategy that will allow you to reach more people, attract more targeted leads, and get more clients and sales in a fraction of the time...

Caleb Scoville
Caleb Scoville

From the desk of Caleb Scoville
Wednesday 11:30 AM
Portland, Oregon USA


I know you're busy, so I'll keep this brief.

Entrepreneurs face a serious threat greater than any credit crunch or economic or financial crisis in history.

This threat is based in scarcity - and no, it's not due to a lack good ideas, money, or even clients or customers.

The scarce commodity I'm referring to is time. There simply isn't enough of it.

See if any of these sound familiar:

  • Do you ever wonder how top notch marketers continually churn out new marketing materials, articles, videos, teleseminars, programs and products?
  • Do you ever find yourself getting tired of your own message?
  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all of the different marketing tactics you know you're "supposed to be doing" month after month, but just can't find the time to put it all together?
  • Are you ever grossed out by some of the "salesy" and inauthentic marketing tactics you've seen recently in the internet world?
  • Are you afraid to outsource your content creation, but can never seem to find the time to write articles, blog posts or record videos or audio podcasts?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, I want you to download my free, 60 minute audio program:

Leveraged Marketing Action Plan:
How to Stimulate Your Own Economy by Effectively Monetizing Your Knowledge

This audio program is designed specifically to help coaches, consultants, trainers, speakers, healers, service professionals and information marketers grow their businesses, help more people and massively increase their visibility without spending thousands of hours writing new content or spending all of their revenue on copywriters, publicists and marketing teams.

I will teach you some golden nuggets that I've learned from my years of working with high six and seven figure businesses in the coaching and consulting world (my high-end clients).

I'll give you an insiders view of what some of the world leaders in the coaching and consulting industries are doing to get their message out there and make a bigger difference in the world.

Here's a sampling of what we will cover:

-   One simple strategy that separates those who succeed in online marketing from those who struggle.
-   How to leverage knowledge, content and materials you already have to create tangible, scalable results.
-   How to set up systems that will help you promote your own authentic message all over the web.
-   How to identify which marketing tactics are worth focusing on instead of taking a shot in the dark.
-   Examples of marketing strategies that some of the top coaches and consultants use and how you can implement the same tactics in your business right away with little or no financial investment.
-   The best ways to get your message in front of your target audience by easily taking advantage media channels like iTunes, YouTube and EzineArticles and social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
-   How to say something once, record it and have your knowledge work for you to bring in qualified leads like a magnet.


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